Application of cooling tower

What is the application of the cooling tower in today’s industry?

Every large and small factory today has an urgent need to use a cooling tower because it can transfer the excess heat of its equipment to the outside. Sugar factories, paste factories, plastic injection workshops, steel companies and power plants are among the most important consumers of this device. It should be mentioned that there are few industries that have not benefited from the presence of a cooling tower in their collection.

The growth and development of the cooling tower production industry has made significant progress due to this issue. Today, cooling towers are placed outside and in the open air, and the main reason for this is the way the cooling tower works. A cooling tower cools water by absorbing free air and creating a percentage of evaporation, which we will explain in detail how it works.

How does a cooling tower cool water?

Many cooling machines today are based on the science of thermodynamics and heat transfer. The cooling tower is one of the cooling machines that achieves its work by using the evaporation action and the combination of heat transfer and mass transfer. Now, depending on the climatic conditions of the installation, it can have a concrete, metal or fiberglass body. In some cases, it is observed that in order to reduce the amount of water consumption, the closed-circuit type of this equipment is used.