Types of use of cooling towers in industry and air conditioning

  • First user: In order to dissipate the heat of various industrial devices in all seasons

Most industrial machines such as induction and arc furnaces, boilers and turbines, etc., generate a large amount of heat in their working cycle. By completing this industrial cycle, the cooling tower performs the process of absorbing this thermal energy and disposing it to the desired environment. Gas turbines in refineries, air compressors in power plants and steam boilers in various industries are among the most important applied industries of this product.

In this user model, the task of extracting heating energy is the responsibility of air without ambient humidity. The air coming out of the throat part causes the air coming out of the tower to become saturated by increasing the humidity ratio. It is interesting to know that these vapors in the air will mainly cause the formation of clouds and fog in the upper part of the cooling tower.

  • Second user: To cool the air conditioning chillers of the buildings in the summer

The majority of residential buildings and large and small apartments, offices, banks and shopping centers have a central ventilation system. In central cooling systems, compression or absorption chillers are usually used to cool the indoor air. The heat absorbed from a building area by the chiller will increase the temperature of the refrigerant (compressor gas).

The cold water produced from the tower in the condenser section of the chiller compensates for the increase in the temperature of the refrigerant. It should be noted that only chillers with water condensers use a cooling tower in their condenser circuit. It is better to note that most compression and absorption chillers have a water condenser.