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About Mabna Sanat Company

Mobna Sanat Spadana Company has been operating in various industries of the country as a contractor in the fields of engineering and design, purchase of internal and external equipment, installation and implementation.

Mobna Sanat Spadana Company is a member of Safa Fould Sepahan Holding Company, which is responsible for engineering and specialized activities, including in the fields of utility, industrial and sanitary water treatment plants, industrial water supply units, and related equipment manufacturing. In addition to the high capability and experience in the field of design and engineering, construction and implementation, this company benefits from the high internal and external commercial and financial power of the parent company with the volume of implementation projects in the last fifteen years amounting to 150 thousand billion Rials.

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Engineer Mohsen Jamalifar

(CEO and Founder)

One of the fields of activity of Mobna Sanat Spadana Company is the manufacture of air-conditioned, hybrid or adiabatic coolers to cool the circulating water of the equipment.

Currently, in most industries, wet systems are used for water cooling, and considering the critical water situation in Iran, replacing these systems with air-cooled coolers and building new industrial units with dry systems is particularly important. Mobna Sanat company can reduce water consumption by 80% throughout the year.


The distinguishing feature of Mabna Sanat Spadana Company

Mabna Sanat Spadana has considerable experience in various contract fields including EPC. This company has special experts to estimate the equipment needed in different plants. This has made our company famous among other service providers in the country.

Manva Snat Spadana

Variety of products and services!

Mobna Sanat Spadana Company provides complete engineering services (including basic engineering and detailed engineering), procurement, construction and project management for users in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemical, ferrous and non-ferrous industries (copper, aluminum, steel, etc.) It provides process and plant design to construction, commissioning and operation.

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