MS-HD-CT model cooler


MS-HD-CT model cooler

Key specifications

Axial fan
Suction air circulation
Blowing/suction air circulation
Evaporative precooling

Capacity range

200 to 300 cubic meters per hour of water flow in each cell

3200 to 4800 kilowatts of heat dissipation per cell

1600 to 3000 cubic meters per hour of total water flow

2600 to 4800 kilowatts of total heat

Evaporative cooling

The finned coil front pads cool the incoming air to near bubble temperature.

This improves the thermal capacity of the tower by 40% compared to the dry state.

Annual saving of water consumption up to 80%

Common uses

Large industrial cooling applications

Electricity and steel production industries

Dry operation in the cold season