Reclaimer car

What is a reclaimer machine?

A reclaimer is a large machine that is used to transport bulk materials. The main task Reclaimer carRetrieving the mass of materials such as ore and grain from the warehouse. It is also a very suitable device for combining various mineral materials such as limestone, coal, iron ore, etc.

Reclaimer function

The performance of the jam reclaimer machine is such that after accumulating the materials and creating the bases of the materials, the side triangles They move forward and backward with the name of hero, which causes the upper part of the material to fall to the lower parts. This action, in addition to adjusting the volume of the output material, will cause a better combination of the materials in the vertical direction of the layers.

The function of this conveyor is that the conveyor transports the bulk materials that are stacked with the stacker conveyor. By having a rotating bucket at the end of the conveyor belt, the material is transferred. Buckets radially pick up materials with their wheel and move them on the conveyor belt are falling In this case, there is no need for Samson feeder There is no need for conveyors with feeders or high compressing of materials inside the conveyor.

That is why the conveyor is made with a certain degree of freedom and is able to move along the horizon and to the left and right on the rail and has the longest travel length on the rail. If it moves vertically, the conveyor belt is adjusted up and down, and if it moves lengthwise, the telescopic conveyor moves. In this way, there is a logical overall coverage.

Types of reclaimer machines

Gate scraper reclaimer

This machine has a chain conveyor whose paddles guide the material to the side of the warehouse and the output conveyor. روی انبار یک سازه مثلثی و بالای این سازه یک جرثقیل وجود دارد که وظیفه اش نگه داشتن نقاله زنجیری و تغییر دادن زاویه می باشد. This device is suitable for taking from the side.

Reclaimer car
Reclaimer car

Reclaimer scraper poly

There is a chain conveyor in the gate-like bridge device, with the difference that it is in the lowest position and there is no angle change in it. Next to the chain conveyor is a triangular grid that separates the material from the cross section of the warehouse with its forks. This machine is only used for cutting. The most common device that is used to remove materials from bulk warehouses is scraper poly.

Arm shovel wheel

This machine has a wheel on the tip of its arm with a number of shovels that can pick up material from the warehouse and pour it onto the arm conveyor. One of the features of this machine is that it can rotate around vertical and horizontal axes. Also, the length of the arm of this device is long enough to reach the end of the warehouse section. In the longitudinal machine, it is possible to harvest both from the side and from the cross section.

Pile wheel

Reclaimer car

The Pile wheel has a bridge that is placed on two rails on the side of the warehouse. A conveyor belt is placed on this bridge and a shovel wheel is placed around the bridge and conveyor, which can move along the bridge. When the wheel of the shovel rotates, the material is removed from the warehouse section and falls on the conveyor, and then it is transferred to the exit conveyor. This machine is special for cross section harvesting.

Barrel harvesting machine

Barrel reclaimer has piles, bridge and conveyor like shovel wheels, but instead of having shovel wheels, a barrel is installed in it, which has the same length as the warehouse. This car is a type of wheeled car. The barrel harvester only has a section harvesting mechanism.

chain shovel

Reclaimer car

Chain shovel is used in deep warehouses and sticky materials. As the name suggests, it has a chain shovel that picks up material from the warehouse and pours it onto the conveyor belt. This shovel is connected to the bridge on one side and held by a crane on the other side.

Movable shovel wheel

The shovel wheel of this machine is mounted on a chain wheel that can move in different directions. Also, the output conveyor of this device can be moved and consists of one or more conveyors. This machine is specially designed for harvesting from irregular warehouses and also has the capability of direct harvesting, in which case the material is loaded directly into the truck.

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