Design and manufacture of industrial dust collectors

Design and manufacture of industrial dust collectors

Very fine dusts produced in various environments in addition to causing disturbances in Production process and The optimal performance of existing equipment and machines can act as a source of disease and endanger the health of people and employees in the environment. Because the volume of this dust or fine particles is often high, the size of the particles is very small, so they can penetrate into the lungs and even cause damage to the respiratory system.

Industrial dust collector is specially used to collect dust from various production processes in industrial environments.

What is an industrial dust collector?

The design and construction of industrial dust collectors are used to collect dust and fine particles from production and industrial processes in industrial environments.

Application of industrial dust collector in various industries

Collecting dust from processes such as metal turning, metal smoothing, plastic cutting and welding, wood cutting and chemical powder processing.

Use in air and space industries, car repair shops, cabinet making, chemical industries, electronics industries, glass production, laboratories, metalworking industries, paper production industry

Features of industrial dust collector

The main feature of industrial dust collectors is their very high suction speed. This feature causes the suction of a large volume of air and as a result, the dust in the environment is collected quickly. By adding a branch in the mouth of the suction, dust can be sucked from two points at the same time. A powerful suction pump and the use of a turbine engine without the need for repair and with constant operation are other features. It is the design and manufacture of industrial dust collectors.

Industrial dust collector performance

Designing and manufacturing industrial dust collectors With a suitable filter, almost all chips and dust particles can be separated. The dust collection process is done by directly connecting the industrial dust collector to a part of the device or through transmission lines such as industrial hoods.

The powerful filtration system of these vacuum cleaners collects all the particles and dust in the environment. Also, the possibility of collecting fine particles before they are released in the environment and at the point of production is one of the other possibilities provided by dust collectors.

Design and manufacture of industrial dust collectors
Design and manufacture of industrial dust collectors

Design and manufacture of industrial dust collectors

It can be connected to a part of the device as a flexible hose or placed as a fixed channel near the place where dust is created and collect it at the same time as dust is created.

The industrial dust collector has low suction power and very high suction speed.

The dust-contaminated air is sucked into the device through the inlet channel of the device in the hopper part by the fan installed in the upper part, part of the dust is separated from the air in the hopper part and falls into the tank, smaller particles sit on the inner surface of the filter and the air It comes out clean from the fan section.

By turning off the fan of the filter cleaning system (vibrator), it automatically enters the circuit and the filter bag is cleaned so that the machine is ready to work again.

Advantages of using an industrial dust collector

Eliminating the cost of design, calculations of channeling and its implementation in case of changing the status of the installation of machines, the dust collector can be moved from one place to another with the lowest cost, if the entire central system of channeling has to be changed.

The reason for the necessity of industrial dust collectors

In order to protect employees and the surrounding community from contamination

In order to gain profit from the valuable products that can be produced from these microparticles

In order to comply with work standards and legal conditions required in work environments

In order to increase the efficiency and productivity of devices

In order to maintain and improve the quality of products.

Types of industrial dust collectors

Shaking dust collector

In designing and manufacturing industrial dust collectors There is a vibration cleaning house bag system. When air flow is temporarily stopped, the system either cleans offline or divides the baghouse into sections. The chamber design provides continuous cleaning of the unit as a whole while allowing individual chambers to be taken offline for servicing.

Cartridge industrial dust collector

A cartridge dust collector is a fabric filter designed for specific applications. They offer an advantage where a smaller space is necessary for the airflow of a larger bag system.

Cyclone dust collector

Cyclone dust collector is a type of inertial separator that separates dust from the gas flow through centrifugal force. The air is purified by creating a cyclonic action in the cyclone collection chamber. A strong, vortex-like circular airflow pushes the dust particles against the walls of the cyclone, which slide down to the base of the hopper for collection. Cyclone systems can remove heavy.

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