Industrial water supply unit design

Industrial water supply unit design

To design an industrial water supply unit If in order to get rid of the problems caused by the presence of impurities in the water, we try to remove the impurities from the water before it enters the industrial unit, then the water purification is done outside the system (the unit in question) and it is purified. We call foreign. Methods such as liming, using ion exchange resins or filtration are part of external purification.

Common terms in industrial water supply unit design

Drinking water

Water that is free from foreign substances, in an amount that causes disease or has a harmful biological effect.

Physical characteristics of water

Characteristics such as temperature, color, turbidity, smell and taste are among the physical properties of drinking water. turbidity of water Related to the amount of ppm Gula is suspended in water.

Chemical properties of water

Properties such as hardness, pH, iron, manganese and other metals.

General methods of removing waste materials in water for the design of industrial water supply unit
Suspended water particles
Organic materials
Suspended silica
Corrosive particles in condensed water
Hydrogen sulfide

Application of filters in the design of industrial water supply unit

For almost every use, it is necessary to remove waste and suspended water. At Industrial water supply unit design Filters are used to clarify cloudy water. To improve sedimentation and coagulation, filters are used as the final step of removing suspended matter. Usually, after lime, lime-soda, as well as after purification with ion exchange resins and reverse osmosis, it is recommended to use filters. will be

Industrial water supply unit design
Industrial water supply unit design

How ion exchange devices work

The body of ion exchange devices used in the design of industrial water supply unit The direction of water purification is similar to pressure filters that put resin particles inside. Because the pH inside the devices changes to wash the resins and during the ion exchange process, therefore, it is necessary to take the necessary measures to prevent corrosion of the devices (the use of stainless steel is recommended, but usually from the wall with an internal coating) plastic is used).
In the design of industrial water supply unit To prevent resins from coming out, several layers of coarse sand or anthracite are placed in the lower part of the device and under the resins. Anthracite particles are more suitable for ion exchange devices because they do not add silica to water. Although in cationic devices due to the low pH, there is no risk of releasing silica, but using anthracite is preferable.

The solution to the problem of water pressure

With booster pump electrical panels, you can easily solve this problem and no longer have the problem of water pressure drop in the building.

For network piping The water distribution of the building, the pressure and amount of water consumption must be determined. Then, according to these two factors, the size of the pipes and its design system should be calculated.
The city’s incoming water pressure must overcome the meter pressure drop, frictional pressure drop, height pressure drop and the required pressure behind the sanitary ware.

What is a pump booster panel?

The duty of the booster pump is to keep the water output pressure of the building constant at different hours of the day, which is done in the booster pump system with the help of two or more pumps in parallel.

In general, whenever we need to supply water pressure or any other fluid, we can use booster pump system. This allows us to provide the required water pressure with a low power pump at times when consumption is low. This action reduces electricity consumption.

Types of pump booster panels

Booster pump panel with the help of pumps that have booster pump capability

In this type of panels, it is no longer necessary to use a side controller and the drives themselves have booster pump capabilities. Usually, each brand offers a drive with booster pump capability With the help of these drives and a series of industrial electrical parts, the water supply system is set up.

Booster pump board using booster pump controllers and common standard drives

In these booster pump panels, you can start your water supply system with a standard standard drive whose price is lower than the drives that have booster pump capability and a booster pump controller such as the ATech booster pump controller.

Booster pump boards with the help of PLC, standard standard drives

In these booster pump boards, you should use a simple inverter from different brands such as Delta, Siemens, Schneider, LS, Fuji, Inot, etc. plus plc and write the booster pump program in the plc with the help of a programmer.

Industrial water supply unit design
Industrial water supply unit design

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